Chryseis Shard Preview: Algoryn Hazard Squad & Solar Command Skimmer

Algoryn Hazard Squad


It is a good time to be a loyal child of the Prosperate!  Following on the from the deployment of the stonking Liberator sees the arrival of the Hazard Squads!  These goliaths are Algoryn warriors clad in the heaviest duty armour you find outside of the Ghar.  These soldiers of the prosperate are highly durable.  While their RES isn’t quite on Ghar leveles, they are still one of the most heavily armoured infantry in the game.

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The Antares Initiative: Month 1: Part 1: Meet the Crew



Noise Sector: (left to Right): Mick Porter, Dan Barton, Mitch Thomas, Asher Longney

The first month in Antarean space has been a challenging one for the villainous scum of The Noise Sector. Cast adrift from the main star cluster in unfamiliar territory we find our four gamers Asher, Mick, Mitch and Dan. With time-locked supply drops the frenzied crew has devoured any morsels of information they can land their glue stained mits on, even going as far as to scrounge a dusty Xilos Horizon starer set off of a rogue trader in a tight spot.

When the supply drop from the home worlds did arrive it was a joyous occasion; clippers, plastic and putty strewn as far as the eye can see, burying the back corner of the House of War cantina in ankle deep piles of sprue.


The crew hard at work, too much sugar makes Mitch hyper, Dan gets sulky

By way of recompense we sent a salutary message to the rest of the IMTel  supported lifeforms

The best and most gleaming models from Warlord Games leapt out of the packing and onto the table top. The Noise Sector was absolutely stunned by how good the Antares models looked out of the box, sometimes photos really don’t do the tiny fellows justice.


Mitch’s Isorian Tsan Ra, Sentax phase squads and Dan’s Concord Scout Force on the assembly line

Let us pause the Holotape and hear what each of these Noise Sector corsairs have to say for themselves as they describe their Army Selection and experiences thus far in Beyond the Gates of Antares:

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The Colours of Courage: A “Beyond the Gates of Antares” Battle Report

Bring out the Big Guns!


Once more the forces of the C3 and the Ghar clash over Defor.  This time both races have rolled out some of the most potent weapons in their arsenal.  The C3, sick of the minimal impact their plasma carbines have on the mighty Ghar Armor, have deployed the mighty M4.  Armed with a Compression Cannon, its phenomenal SV7 should prove a menace to the Ghar.  In addition they also took a Medium Weapon Drone, this time armed with a Plasma Cannon.

In the Ghar camp, Commander Karg himself has taken to the field to whip his pathetic underlings onwards to victory!

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Double Trouble : A “Beyond the Gates of Antares” Battle Report


“They’re back and stronger than ever!”

The Ghar forces under High Commander Anthony had recently suffered a loss to Asher’s Algoryn. Of course the Ghar Empire will not be deterred in its quest to conquer Defor!

Temporarily putting aside their rivalries, High Commander Mick and Anthony today joined forces for an all-out assault on NuHu Mandarin Dan’s Concord. Facing a total of 1500pts of Ghar, the Concord had to muster all the reinforcements they could.

This particular game was to satisfy a late night Antares craving at our friendly local game store, unfortunately we neglected to bring our usual photographic equipment with us so it’s shot in FlitterVision (sub-par camera phone).

Take and Hold: Concord vs Ghar Empire “Tag Team”

This was a further play test of this scenario created by Justin Shearer (The Freeborn Shard).

A few things were slightly rejigged this time. We placed 4 objectives (Wrecked Ghar suits) – two on the table centre line, 12″ on from each table edge. Also a home objective centred in each team’s table half, 12″ on from the table edge. For this game, the 2 Ghar lists counted as one team with one table side.

To hold an objective a unit had to have 1 or more models within 3″ of it and victory points were scored at the end of each turn: 1 for your home objective, 2 for the centre line objectives and a 4 for the enemy home objective. Deployment was up to half of each force starting on the table with the rest coming on later using a standard moving on test.”

The Concord

1 NuHu Mandarin (to be in Transporter)

3 Bike Interceptor Squad

1 C3M4 Combat Drone

1 C3T7 Transporter Drone

7 troop Strike Squad with Spotter Drone (to be in Transporter)

7 troop Strike Squad with Spotter Drone

5 troop Strike Squad with Spotter Drone (Space Monkeys)

6 troop Strike Squad

2 C3D1 Plasma Light Support Drones

The Ghar were represented by two separate evenly split forces:

Ghar Empire (High Commander Mick)

1 Command Crawler

4 suit Battle Squad w/ Plasma Amplifiers

12 troop Outcast Squad w/ Disruptor Cannon Crew

6 troop Outcast Squad


Ghar Empire (High Commander Anthony)

3 suit Battle Squad w/ Plasma Amplifiers

3 suit Battle Squad w/ Plasma Amplifiers

3 suit Assault Squad w/ Plasma Amplifiers

6 troop Outcast Squad w/ Disruptor Cannon Crew

4 probe Flitter Shard

Superior Shard


The Game:

The Concord prepare for the imminent attack.

Deployment saw the Concord prepared for the upcoming battle with a 6 troop Strike Squad, both C3D1 Drones and the C3M4 Combat Drone mid table. The Interceptor Squad took one flank while the 5 troop Strike Squad took the other.


The Ghar assault was spear headed by Anthony’s squads of Outcasts and Flitters at centre table. Meanwhile Mick’s squads of Outcasts took a flank and wasted no time in making a move on an objective.


The Concord quickly responded by moving their Interceptor Squad forward while Mick’s unactivated Outcasts reacted with a volley of Lugger fire, running out of ammo in the process.

These are awesome conversions by Dan. This is not an awesome photo by me.

A distort dice came out of the bag, affecting the 5 troop Strike Squad at the back of the table.


The Concord support drones advanced down the centre of the table to shoot at the Outcasts ahead, forcing them down.


Next, the second distort dice appeared so this squad also got distorted.

End Deployment / Start Turn 1

  • Mick turned on all of his Plasma Amplifiers while Anthony turned on none
  • Dan’s 5 troop Strike Squad (Space Monkeys) failed to recover from being down
  • Anthony’s Outcasts failed to recover from being down.
The Interceptor bikes appear as little more than a blur as they zoom across the battle field!

The Concord Interceptors left the safety of the crater to charge Mick’s Outcasts. One outcast died and the bikes were back on their way.

C3T7 preparing to drop off its passengers.

The Concord successfully brought on the C3T7 Transporter Drone, arriving in the same crater that was occupied by the Interceptors earlier.  It carried a NuHu and a 7 troop Strike Squad. The Strike Squad disembarked to place themselves between Mick’s Outcasts and the nearby objective.


The Strike Squad fired on the Outcasts, taking out a couple.


One of Anthony’s Battle squads successfully came on the table right next to the C3T7. Shots were fired and the Transporter Drone took a couple of pins.

Ghar Flitter recon shot taken mid battle.

Another Concord Strike Squad was able to manoeuvre into position and shoot at the Ghar. Mick’s Outcasts took 2 more pins but no more casualties. A lucky shot from a lance landed on Anthony’s Battle Suits but caused nothing more than a pin.


The Concord C3D1 Light Support Drones got into place and shot up Mick’s Outcasts, causing 4 casualties and a couple more pins. This was enough to break and destroy that squad of Outcasts.

The NuHu directs her fire at the Ghar.

The Concord NuHu exited the C3T7 to shoot at Anthony’s Battle Squad but missed.

A Ghar Crawler and Concord C3M4 face off.

At the other end of the table, Mick brought on a Ghar Command Crawler and engaged a nearby C3M4 Combat Drone, putting a pin on it.

The C3M4 could not survive in the face of 3 plasma fuelled activations!

Taking full advantage of its plasma amps, the crawler continued firing until the job was done.

End Turn 1 / Start Turn 2

  • VPs: Concord 2 vs Ghar 1
  • Mick’s Plasma Amps continued to function while Anthony turned on his for the first time this game (all of them!)
  • Anthony’s Outcasts recovered from being down
  • Dan’s 5 troop Strike Squad (Space Monkeys) failed to recover from being down
More Ghar throw themselves into the fray!

Anthony had his Assault Squad joined the Battle Squad near the crater while his second Battle Squad entered mid-table, threatening the Interceptors.

C3 reinforcements arrive.

A new Concord Strike squad moved on the far table side to challenge Mick’s Command Crawler. The Command Crawler responded by firing, taking out 2 troops and causing 3 pins.


The Interceptors charged Anthony’s Outcasts. 2 Interceptor were lost and the sole survivor went on his way (along with plenty of pins).


Back at the crater and the NuHu charged the Battle Squad. No wounds were inflicted and the NuHu’s IMTel Stave became exhausted but the fight continued…

“Be gone from this table or incur the wrath of my wiffle bat!”

Relentlessly beating the Ghar with an ehausted stave that had become little more than a wiffle-bat, the NuHu caused no wounds but did successfully scare the Battle Squad away!

Things get messy as an Assault Squad smashes into the C3.

Coming from around the nearby crater, the Ghar Assault Squad charged this pesky Strike Squad. One Assault Suit was lost but the Concord Strike Squad was eliminated and the objective was secured.

End Turn 2 / Start Turn 3

  • VPs: Concord 2 vs Ghar 4
  • Mick’s Plasma Amplifiers continued to function
  • Anthony’s Assault Squad Plasma Amps burned out
A Strike Squad finds itself surrounded…

This turn started with Mick’s Battle Squad joining his Command Crawler. The remaining Concord on that side of the table were quickly disposed of. These Ghar moved to secure the nearby objective.

More Ghar Suits flee in terror from the NuHu!

Meanwhile the NuHu fired on the Ghar Assault Squad, forcing them down and giving them some pins. The Assault Squad broke and were destroyed shortly after.

Now you see them…

Mick’s Command crawler pushed forward while his Battle Squad held the objective. He took the Concord home objective while engaging the C3D1 Light Support Drones.

Now you don’t! Ta-Da!

The Ghar Scourer Cannons made short work of those Drones, leaving the Ghar unchallenged in holding the enemy home objective!

Victory to the Ghar!

Final VPs: Concord 2 vs Ghar  9

Due to time constraints we had to call the game at this point. Dan graciously accepted that defeat was not far off considering that the Ghar were well ahead in victory points and making good progress in attrition.

The points level of our games has been progressively increasing and this is one of the highest we’ve played to date. I think all of the Noise Sector team agree that adding points has equated to adding enjoyment. Our lists are seeming better rounded-out and our match ups far more balanced as we have more points to play with.

The double Ghar element was interesting. The commanders were able to stagger their activations of plasma amplifiers so that at least some amped-up units could be on the table during most of the game. Having two distort dice in the bag also did not go unnoticed with one C3 Strike Squad and one unit of Ghar Outcasts finding little chance to do much all game.

For me though, the stand out moment in this game was the C3 NuHu charging into that Ghar Battle Squad, exhausting her IMTel Stave, causing no damage but still going on to cause the Battle suits to break and run.

An Inevitable Outcome

From vantage points high on their crawlers the Ghar Commanders took in the sight of their latest victory. The red ground laid strewn with crushed armour and smashed drones, already starting to disappear into tar-filled sink holes and under the acrid dust that built ever thicker with each gust of Deforean wind.

The next step for the momentarily allied Ghar Commanders was to decide just who controlled what in this region. With their shared foe vanquished and their deep seated rivalries far from forgotten  there was clearly only one way this could be settled. WAR.

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Plastic Algoryn AI Squad: Box to Table

What’s all this then eh?

asher-headshotAsher sez,

Greetings travellers from distant space!  Another first here today as we take you on the life cycle of a new Antares release from box to table.  Even though we’re a little late to the party on this one due to the fact that in order for things to be shipped to Antipodean Space the packages have to go through 3 wormholes and an ion storm we thought you would appreciate seeing the new Algoryn AI unboxed, built and painted in a step by step process to give you all the info you need to decide whether to add these fellas to your force. (The answer is yet by the way).

The box.  Perhaps the least exciting part of the product, but nice and appealing anyway!  Lets go inside.

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How to Paint Algoryn ala Asher


Asher sez

Hello again you wonderful Antarean cosmonauts!  I thought today I would share my method for painting my Algoryn.  A lot of people have liked the scheme I came up with (Shamelessly stolen from Mass Effect more like) so I’ve decided to reveal the flimflam behind my smoke and mirrors!

My style (if it can be called that) is a maximum bang for minimum effort approach.  I am actually incredibly lazy and find ‘proper’ painting incredibly tedious, so I’ve developed technique, inspired by Angel Giraldez that combines airbrush and conventional brush to paint armies fast.  I also have a tendency to smash out units as fast as possible once I get the motivation.  It’s something of a start/stop method.  Erratic, just like me.  So to dispense with any further waffling, on with the show!

The army as it currently stands

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