First Contact: A “Beyond the Gates of Antares” Battle Report

No plan survives …

Welcome to the first of hopefully many Battle Reports to emerge from the Noise Sector!  Just to manage some expectations here the following is a confused fumbling between two novices with no idea bout how to construct armies and poor rules knowledge.  So, if we have done something wrong please flame us in a constructive and helpful manner, with page numbers!

An Unexpected Encounter:  Algoryn vs C3

The fearless commanders prepare for battle

I had finished work early as had my good friend Dan (Not to be confused with Dan) and with the other Noise Generators still working the 9-5 I decided to induct Dan into the mysteries of Antares.  We randomly rolled for mission and got “An Unexpected Encounter”


The Algoryn Defor Expeditionary Force

6 Man Assault Sqaud

6 Man AI Squad w/ 2 Micro-X Launchers and Overload Ammo

6 Man AI Squad w/ 2 Micro-X Launchers and Overload Ammo

Support Team w/ X Launcher and Net Ammo

5 “Man” Probe Shard

C3 Scout Force

3 Man Command Team w/ Spotter Drone

5 Man Strike Squad w/ Lance and Spotter Drone

5 Man Strike Squad w/ Lance and Spotter Drone

2 “Man” Light Drone Support Squad w/ Plasma Light Supports

The Game:


Initial deployment saw both sides deploy their heaviest weapons, eager to bring devastation to the enemy.


Initial fire by by the Algoryn hammers the C3 as both Mag Guns and Micr0-X Launchers hit home.


First blood to Algor as two Strike Troopers are cut down.


But blood demands blood as the Support Drones cut a swathe through the AI, killing three members of Squad 1!


The Assault Squad moves into the crystal forest (or is it one of the native Deforans?) but are slowed by the difficult terrain.


Despite firing at long range, the Assault squad gets lucky and one of the drones is destroyed!


The X Launcher opens up with net Ammo.


Direct Hit!  The strike squad is heavily pinned down.


AI Reinforcements hit the field.


The C3 commander leads from the front.

IMG_3662.JPGAs turn two begins, the AI trade fire at long range.


The Assault Squad faces down half the enemy army


Glory to Algor!  The C3 commander closes in, but gets charged by the Assault Squad who pass both their Ag checks to move through the terrain and not get exhausted by the sprint.


They destroy the command squad, but are immediately pinned down by a strike squad, which is then pinned by the X Launcher!


The Strike Squad passes it’s command check to activate and sprints towards the board edge, but becomes exhausted and takes another pin!  The X launcher then adds more pins to the pin party.


Troop Leader Hellas makes for the board edge, keeping his eye on the mission.


The strike squad has similar ideas.


Assault Leader Kuran Tor leads another reckless charge …


with mutually devastating results!  Both commanders go another round of combat and both survive!  The two foes pass all their command checks.


Honour not yet satisfied, the Strike Leader charges Kuran Tor, but it is the Veteran Assault Leader who wins the day in the final decisive duel.


The fates turn against the C3 as the strike squad is forced Down under weight of pins agonisingly close to the table edge.


On the other side of the table Tel Hellas leads his men back to base camp for reinforcements, securing a victory for the Algoryn! (The Targeter probes had also previously escaped)

Victory to the Algoryn!

Well that was a pretty epic first real game!  My opponent played very well for someone who hadn’t touched the game before and only some poor Command checks prevented him from escaping his Strike Squad.  MVP has to go to my leader, Kuran Tor, who lead two bloody assaults through two enemy squads, even if he did carelessly lose all his men in the process.  Runner up has to go to the X launcher.  It’s net ammo made it very hard for the C3 units to escape.  Overall a tense game that has me hungry for more Antares action!

This game was a little while ago, so some details have been lost.  I’ll try to do more detailed reports in future.

The Smoke Clears

Kuran Tor gasped for air, resisting the urge to tear of his respirator and take the gulping breaths his body so desperately craved as the atmosphere of Defor would probably kill him in minutes.  He could still hear the distinctive report of mag weapons in the distance, mixed with the much sharper notes of C3 plasma weapons.  His men were still facing resistance, but his com-net was already alive with voices and reinforcements entered the area of operations.  He had done it.  They had overcome.

The dense atmosphere and storms had filled their sensors with so many ghosts and anomalies that they had barely detected the C3 scout force before they could see them.  While he knew within his heart that at no time did he feel more vital, more alive than in the chaos of battle, no commander enjoys a battle unravelling out of his control.  Still, he thought, massaging his side, he had managed to buy enough time for Tel Hellas to return to the Dropsite for reinforcements.  He looked down at the remains of the C3 strike leader he had duelled with.  The man had nearly ended him.  Kuran could tell this suit of Reflex armour was done.  If he had been less experienced the X-Sling would have killed him before he cut his opponent in half with his D-Spinner.  The man had fought with honour and determination.  Kuran could respect that, and offered his fallen foe a final salute.

 As the sound of plasma fire faded under the chatter of mag repeaters he started to attend to fallen comrades.  Some would live, some would not.  

2 thoughts on “First Contact: A “Beyond the Gates of Antares” Battle Report

    1. Hi Drew, thanks for the feedback mate.We got them through House of War. we’vealso received a whole bunch of smaller solid grey ones from Warlord Games, i dont know if they are available from their webstore but im certain Antares main man Andy Hobday may know where to look if you want an amount of the little ones that we are yet to photograph


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