Face Off: A “Beyond the Gates of Antares” Battle Report

Rapid Fire!

This battle comes not long after the previous outing of the ADEF.  This time, a couple of days later they would face off against the perfidious GHAAAARRRRRRR!  Under the direction of High Commander Anthony and his Ghar Empire.  We would again be playing Take and Hold, as per the last game to give it more playtesting.  There were a few differences, but minor ones.

Beware the Ghar!

Take and Hold:  Algoryn vs Ghar Empire

Same Scenario as last time.

“We placed 3 objectives (Wrecked Ghar suits that obviously contained valuable intel).  One in the centre of the table, and one in each players table half.  12″ deep and 12″ on from the left table edge.  We decided that to hold an objective a unit had to have 1 or more models touching it and that you scored victory points at the end of each turn.  1 for your home objective, 2 for the central and a whopping 4 for the one in the enemy half of the table.  We decided to deploy 2M on, with half of each force starting on the table with the rest coming on later.  We also allowed for units that elected to come on turn 2 or later to come on from one of the short table edges.”

This time we decided that rather than being in base to base contact, units could control an objective if they were within 3″ instead.


The Algoryn Defor Expeditionary Force

6 Man Assault Squad

6 Man AI Squad w/ 2 Micro-X Launchers and Overload Ammo, Spotter Drone

6 Man AI Squad w/ 2 Micro-X Launchers and Overload Ammo, Spotter Drone

6 Woman Infiltrator Squad w/ Camo Drone, Spotter Drone, Solar Charges, Slingnet

Support Team w/ X Launcher and Net Ammo, Spotter Drone

Support Team w/ Mag Light Support, Spotter Drone

4 “Man” Probe Shard

Get Up!



Ghar Empire

3 Man Battle Squad w/ Plasma Amps

3 Man Battle Squad w/ Plasma Amps

3 Man Assault Squad w/ Plasma Amps

6 Man Outcast Squad w/ Disruptor Cannon Crew

4 “Man” Flitter Shard

Superior Shard



The Game:

Legal Deployment!  Using Spotter Drones to look over things is a sneaky but legit tactic.  Under Justin’s direction we’ve been playing with the 1″ coherency applying vertically as well.



From left to right I deployed my X-Launcher being cheeky behind a mesa, the AI in the centre, Mag Light Team in the Crystals to the right covering 2 objectives and finally my Infiltrators hiding behind a mesa on the right.

Onwards you dogs!  High Commander Anthony mobilises his troops

Anthony gets the first couple of dice out of the bag and starts rushing forward with some Run orders.

Time to test!  Ghar can be susceptible to pins due to their low model count

Unfortunately for the Ghar, the X-Launcher proves to be in good form and bullseyes a unit with net ammo.  Anthony risks not going down and takes three pins.

ImTel Says:  Going down against net Ammo can be a lifesaver, especially on MOD units.  It halves the number of pins you take, so you can take a max of 2 from an X-launcher.  MOD units can then spend another die to break down and go do other things.  Provided they pass their CMD check.

First blood to the Ghar!

The pins on the ghar barely slow them.  They pass their command test with ease and as the Plasma Amps kick in 2 AI troopers are cut down by scourer cannon fire.

The Ghar Blitzkrieg continues

The Ghar Assault Squad adds to their pain by pinning them more and forcing them down before they activate!  This is super annoying as now I lose their order die from my bag as it is used to assign them their mandatory down order. 😦


The dice bag continues to favour Anthony to the extreme as he gets the next two dice.  He uses them to run up his other battle squad and then issues a Fire Order targeting my Infiltrators.

For hates sake I stab at thee!

I make a brave (reckless?) choice and decide to engage the Suits in a Firefight.  They make their Initiative test easily and down a Ghar, though they take casualties as well.  I’m going to call that a win!

Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.  It’s Ghar time!

Turn 2 continues much as turn one did.  With Ghar dice!  The 2 central units consolidate their stranglehold on the central objective and continue pouring fire into the AI squad that still hasn’t had a chance to activate.

Flee you fools!

The results are devastating and all a bloodthirsty  Ghar commander could wish for.  The AI take more pins and more casualties, the then fail the resulting Command test on a ‘0’ and flee the table!  Cowards!

Well nothing rid me of these perfidious Ghar!

I move my other AI squad onto the table to shore up my home objective, but the ever aggravating Ghar Assault Squad lazily rounds the corner and force them down!  The Assault Squads never kill much their ability to force units down on a hit with their Gougers is real annoying.

Intensify firepower!

The Infiltrators continue to pour their firepower into the Ghar Battlesquad but the mag rounds bounce off their heavy armour like raindrops.

Ooh-Rah!  Assault Squad on the field!

You will notice in the above picture that there is no longer a Ghar Squad on the table.  The AI Assault Squad assaulted onto the table with the last die of the turn and wiped them out in a volley of Plasma Grenades.

ImTel Says:  This is actually cheating as units can’t assault onto a table.  I found the rule the next day 😦


The first die (or should that be dice?) of the next turn results in a slaughter.  Anthony gets the first die (naturally) and issues a Fire order to the Outcasts.  I try to react with a Fire order on my assault squad and succeed!  In the resulting firefight 10 models die.  10 outcasts are massacred as Anthony fails every single save and I lose 3 AI Assault troopers to the lugger gun fire.  The one remaining outcast flees taking his disruptor cannon with him.

Go down damn it!

As I get a die, I decide to try to shut down the assault squad and manage to hit them directly with the X-Launcher and its delectable net ammo.  They fail the resulting test and go down.  Result!

Flitters gonna flit flit flit.
Shame this AI squad failed to recover.  They sure could capitalise on a down Ghar unit …
Here we go!

The next turn brings exactly what I want!  The first die!  My AI get to activate for what seems like the first time all game!  They move up to try to keep the Assault Squad down and hammer them with more fire.


I manage to tag the surviving battle squad with Net Ammo and then add another pin with the Mag Light as well as killing another Ghar!  After the initial Ghar rush the tables  are turning against them!

Victory for Algor!

Surrounded and pounded, the Ghar have no options.  Both units are heavily pinned down and the Algoryn control their home and the enemy objective safely giving them the game!

So there we go, another victory for the the ADEF!  This was an interesting game as in the first few turns it really felt like the Ghar were an unstoppable tidal wave.  Aside from killing a suit with a lucky shot it really felt like there was not much I could do to stop them. However, once the first couple of amps burnt out and I managed to get some pins on a couple of units it started to feel a lot more manageable.  Once unit of suits dropped and the outcasts were put to rout Anthony had very few dice left and, despite the initially hammering the handed out.

2 thoughts on “Face Off: A “Beyond the Gates of Antares” Battle Report

  1. Glorious battle report love reading these and am always eager for more. Accompanying pictures really.make me feel like u am there to watch it all go down. Hurrah for Algoryn victory!


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