More Human than Human: A “Beyond the Gates of Antares” Battle Report

Battle of the classics

In this game the two most iconic races in Antarean space go head to head as Dan’s C3 take on Anthony’s Ghar in our third playtest of out Take and Hold scenario.  These old foes will be clashing over three objectives.  This time we were using the objective control rules from the rulebook, which means that once units plant their flag, they can walk off and do other things while leaving the objective under their empires control.


Because I was only an intermittent observer for this game, I regret to report that I have no lists for you and some details may be even vaguer than usual.

The Game:

Both sides deploy a solid battle line.  Strike Squads vs Ghar Battlesuits!
The Ghar rapidly advance
Dan’s Concord start taking fire, suffering pins and light casualties
The Ghar Assault squad angles to their right flank to threaten the Concord home objective
A Battle Squad runs to hold the central objective.
The Ghar line blitzes forwards.
Too close for comfort, the Assault squad moves to threaten the Concord home objective.
And closer still!  The objective is HIGHLY contested right now and those Strike Troopers are probably feeling very nervous.
On the opposite flank The Ghar and C3 trade fire through a crystal forest to little effect.
Ready to exercise her superiority, the C3 NuHu arrives on the flank  with a Drone friend.  The combination of Batter Drone and Nano Drone make this an almost unassailable target.
The Strike Squad feels the pressure and falls back to get some breathing room.
“You have failed me for the last time!”  Dan expresses his dissatisfaction with his NuHu after she fails to kill even a single Ghar Suit
Return fire!  The Ghar desperately try to deal with the Post-Human surprise, but the combination of Nano Drones and Ruins means “1” is the only hit result!
Oh the shame!  Just when victory was in their grasp!  The Ghar take a casualty, take 3 pins and then roll a “0” for their break test.  The promptly quit the field just before they have the chance to assault :/
On the other flank things are going better for the Ghar.  They shoot down the Drone and clear it off their home objective.  However thanks to the playtesting rules it remains nder C3 control.
Blood!  After an umpteen billion shots the NuHu finally goes down!
But its too late!  The Concord’s control over the objectives means that they secure victory.

So there we have it.  A victory for the Concord.  In many ways the game was more or less decided when the Ghar Assault Squad decided that it didn’t need to take the objective and that just legging it home was the preferred option.  The NuHu gave the Ghar a fair amount of effort, but in the end it was the ability of the C3 to just hold ground that wonthem the day.

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