How to Paint Algoryn ala Asher


Asher sez

Hello again you wonderful Antarean cosmonauts!  I thought today I would share my method for painting my Algoryn.  A lot of people have liked the scheme I came up with (Shamelessly stolen from Mass Effect more like) so I’ve decided to reveal the flimflam behind my smoke and mirrors!

My style (if it can be called that) is a maximum bang for minimum effort approach.  I am actually incredibly lazy and find ‘proper’ painting incredibly tedious, so I’ve developed technique, inspired by Angel Giraldez that combines airbrush and conventional brush to paint armies fast.  I also have a tendency to smash out units as fast as possible once I get the motivation.  It’s something of a start/stop method.  Erratic, just like me.  So to dispense with any further waffling, on with the show!

The army as it currently stands

Step 1:  Priming.  So fresh faced and full of promise!

The first step is to prime the models.  Notice that I’ve textured the base beforehand.  This is strictly optional, but I find that I prefer to base before priming for even coverage.

Step 2:  Touching up.  Some bits always escape

I’m probably trying to teach you guys to suck eggs here, but a little application of primer by hand or airbrush just to get those annoying missed spots is important.  We’re using black to naturally create shadow, so it’s important that the recesses are in fact black to create that shadow.

Step 3.  First Airbrush layer.  Gently does it!

The first pass of the airbrush is a 4:1 mix of Vallejo Game Air Sombre Grey to Vallejo Game Air Electric Blue.  Notice that the paint is directed against the parts of the model that catch the light?  Like the bottom of the Shoulder pads and rounded parts of the Gauntlet and Guns.  Here we’re letting the black primer work for us to already create a colour gradient just by applying less paint in ares that are naturally darker.

Steps 4&5: Second Airbrush layer and edge highlighting.

Remember how at the start of this I told you that once I got up steam I forged ahead?  Yeah.  Turns out that’s bad for recording your process.  This layer use a  5:4:1 Ratio of Vallejo Game Air Bonewhite to Vallejo Game Air Sombre Grey to Vallejo Game Air Electric Blue.  We apply this gently to thhe areas that would catch the light the most.  The very bottom part of the shoulder pads (about 1/4) and the very raised parts.  Then, while the paint is still dry, we use the leftover mix to edge highlight raised edges to just define the panels more.

Step 6:  Squad markings!  I’m doing 1 stripe for squad 1, 2 for 2 etc.

For this step I just grabbed the first grey I had on hand, in this case Vallejo Model Air Pale Blue Grey and painted on some dags.  In this case it’s a thin paint, so I used a couple of coats.  I also used this colour to paint details on the gun and the crests on the shoulder pads and helmet.

Step 7:  Highlight them!

I then just went over them with a thin layer of white to make them pop a little more.

Step 8:  Basecoat the bases.

I gave the bases a good hit of P3 Skorne Red to lay the groundwork for bases.

Steps 9-11:  Oops I did it again.

So to finish off the base (for now), a drybrush of GW Jokaero Orange brings out the detail.  For the face I’ve blended Vallejo Cork Brown with a bit of Sunny Skin tone for the main skin colour, then feathered some Parasite Brown onto the chitinous ridges to give a bit of depth in colour.  I ended up giving the skin a wash with a mild brown to give the model a tanned look and to better define the detail.

Step 12:  Weather it.

Ok now the fun part.  We jsut mess the whole model up with weathering poder.  I’ve been using a mix of Secret Weapon Rust Red and Broken Toad Alien soil to get a slightly wierd looking pinky red.  The secret with weathering powder is to just work it into recesses and not be afraid of overuse.  You can always brush/wipe off excess until you have the right amount.

Step 13:  Done!  Oh wait.

Ok so the last bit is the lighting and I manages to completely forget to record this step by step but really its pretty easy.  Paint the recess a nice bright orange, I used Fire Dragon Bright.  Then wash is a bright red.  I used Bloodletter, one of the GW glazes.  Then get the brightest yellow you have and put a dot on the centre of the recess and edge the lower half of the recess with the same yellow, where the light would catch it.  Finally we go to pure white.  Put a small dot right in the centre of the recess and also use it to edge the lower part of the recess, about half as much as you did with the yellow.

And done!  That completes the process and you now have a unit of Algoryn ready to defeat the enemies of the prosperate!


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