The Colours of Courage: A “Beyond the Gates of Antares” Battle Report

Bring out the Big Guns!


Once more the forces of the C3 and the Ghar clash over Defor.  This time both races have rolled out some of the most potent weapons in their arsenal.  The C3, sick of the minimal impact their plasma carbines have on the mighty Ghar Armor, have deployed the mighty M4.  Armed with a Compression Cannon, its phenomenal SV7 should prove a menace to the Ghar.  In addition they also took a Medium Weapon Drone, this time armed with a Plasma Cannon.

In the Ghar camp, Commander Karg himself has taken to the field to whip his pathetic underlings onwards to victory!

The Game:


The C3 deployed in a strong position ready to advance towards to objectives.  With 2 Batter Drones provided by the Heavy and Medium Combat Drones they wold hopefully be a tough target for the Ghar to hit.


Karg deployed centrally, ready to use Follow and lend his phenomenal command to his minions


The other C3 flank.  Double Batter field powers activate!

NuHu Dan prepares for battle
The sneaky Outcasts prepare for a flanking maneuver
“Advance you cravens!”

The Ghar get the first die and it is assigned to Karg, who makes good use of Follow to drag the nearby battlesquad along with him.  And yes, the amps are activated.  The GharsKrieg has begun.

“Die Hooman!”

The first concord target to bear the brunt of the Ghar firepower is the Drop Command Squad, but a combination of luck, cover and intervening terrain means that they take no casualties despite the normally withering firepower.  Going down after the first units worth of firepower also probably helped!

Take Cover!  The Command Squad goes down to survive the firestorm.
Karg is displeased by the lack of death
Foiled again!

Distorted!  Despite spending a Block! to try to avoid the dreaded ‘D’, the Ghar are distorted and the Outcasts go down faster than Trmps approval ratings.

The crystal spires of Defor form something of a bottleneck, but which side will it work for?



The first Concord die goes to the Medium Combat drone, featuring here it its very first appearance!  Dan wasn’t sold on it due to the low rate of fire of the Plasma Cannon and the cost of the unit but I twisted his arm.


Told ya Dan!  The strike value of the Plasma Cannon immediately proves its worth by vaporising the Battle Squad leader.



The Ghar continue to pour firepower into the Concord lines, this time switching to an easier target.


And two Strike Troopers, vulnerable, our of cover and now with to Batter field are blasted apart.


The Ghar Assault Squad begins a flanking move towards one of the side objectives and forces the Medium Drone down with their Gouger Cannons.


The Ghar continue to advance and fire, but the intervening terrain fouls the Disruptor Cannon teams aim.


The Strike Squad that bore the brunt of the Ghar fire rallies, ready to take the fight to the enemy.

Pew! Pew! Pew!  Dan is enjoying this far too much.

Dan activates the M4 and moves it to a firing position, eager to try out the Compression Cannon.

Vwap!  Another one bites the dust.

It proves highly effective, killing another Ghar.



A further fire order on the M4 from its MOD2 adds another pin but this time doesn’t kill any Ghar.


The Strike Squad on the right Concord flank advances and fires at the Ghar Assault Squad, trying to pin them down.


The Drop Squad Advances, sheltering behind the batter shield.


The Assault Squad passes its command test and slams into Strike Squad …


… With predictable results.  The poor concord troopies get minced.

For the Ghar!  The Assault Squad consolidates onto the objective.



Karg advances to threaten the middle objective, but fails to kill anything.  Curses!


The last survivor of the Battle squad manages to pass his command test and advance as well.  Sadly his accuracy is shot (hur hur) and he fails to hit anything.  In response, the Drop Sqad bounds forward to end within 10″ of Karg.  Oh dear.


Holy Firepower Batman!  The M4 swing around and ices an entire Battle Squad in 2 orders!  Guess that Compression cannon is really paying for itself.  This is a devastating blow for the Ghar as they really needed that Enfilade fire.


The Drop Command Squad leaps into action and claims the middle objective.


The Medium Drone then moves uup and protects them with a batter field.


Turn 3 begins with an interesting discover.  While Karg is a big ol’ Coward and has to run, nothing says he has to run AWAY from the enemy.  He proceeds to go stand on the objective as the Concord troops mill around and fail to kill the Distruptor Team.


The Assault Squad is the only Ghar unit still fighting, so they run to get in on the action.


Step 1:  Apply Pins.  The Medium drone pins Karg and, as Dan gets a second die in a row decides to risk is for the Biscuit and charges in with his Drop Command.  Both squads end the combat with 1 pin and so they both lose.  What follows is a tense roll off …


And he’s outta there!!!  Karg botches his test and runs for the hills while the Command squad holds their nerve.


Th heroic Drop Squad eats dirt as Ghar environmental pollution strikes again.


The Assault Squad desperately runs to contest!


And the M4 claims another kill.


The M4 has proves decisive this battle, killing and pinning Ghar with impunity.


Out of options the Assuault Squad charge the drop Command hungry for revenge!  The Assault Squad kills one member of the Command Team and hammer them Disruption charges, but they are suffering under a massive amount of pins themselves.  Once again the comabat ends in a draw!


And once again victory for the drop troops!  They hold their nerve while the surviving Ghar break and flee.

And with only a handful of outcasts and a couple of flitters left on the table the game was called in the favour of the C3.  Interstingly the Ghar had commanded a lead early on but the Concord had clawed back the lead and the M4 basically won the battle single handedly as it killed Ghar after Ghar with no real response available.  This game has really proved the value of the Big Guns!

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