Chryseis Shard Preview: Algoryn Hazard Squad & Solar Command Skimmer

Algoryn Hazard Squad


It is a good time to be a loyal child of the Prosperate!  Following on the from the deployment of the stonking Liberator sees the arrival of the Hazard Squads!  These goliaths are Algoryn warriors clad in the heaviest duty armour you find outside of the Ghar.  These soldiers of the prosperate are highly durable.  While their RES isn’t quite on Ghar leveles, they are still one of the most heavily armoured infantry in the game.

In addition to protecting them, the Hazard armour also overcharges their Plasma Carbines, increasing their firepower by 50% meaning that they actually out put more shots per point than any other other Algoryn Infantry unit!  However the armour has the downside of reducing their both their Agility and Initiative while also preventing them from sprinting.  Such is the price of such immense protection.

In addition to the overcharged Plasma Carbines, they are also armed with D-Spinners, the dreaded close combat weapon that was, until now, only seen on Assault Squads.  This means that Hazard Squads are at home either hosing the enemy down with a torrent of plasma fire or assaulting and getting stuck in!

Savvy commanders will already have realised that there are a number of tactical limitations that need to be accounted for.  The inability to sprint means that the Hazard Squad cannot force their foe to reroll to hit rolls on the charge, so as tough as they are, they will be taking more fire than an Assault Squad would.  It is also worth noting that Hazard Armour is a type of reflex which means it is susceptible to Scramble ammo, so watch out for X-Launchers! The Hazard Squad is very much dependant on their armour and are highly vulnerable without it.

Hazard Squad

And that’s without mentioning the Hazard Command Squad at all …

Solar Command Skimmer


Is your Freeborn Vard looking to ride in style?  If yes then look no further than the Solar Command Skimmer! With high Res and an Acc to match you’ve got a nasty unit to bully your friends with. On top of this the Solar Command Skimmer sports two activations a turn and can shout out a follow order.

The immediate application of this is flanking your command skimmer with equally agile choices. Skarks and Skyradiers will offer secondary damage and assault potential. If you hate your friends and want to lay down some serious ranged punishment take a pair of attack skimmers and compound MOD 2 activations for superior positioning and firepower.  Still concerned about incoming damage? Pair with a batter drone.

The Solar Command Skimmer also comes packs with a mag launcher rack. You can use blasts to break up weaker units or slam out some net rounds. Once your enemies are trapped in spooky space nets those skarks/skyraiders you purchased earlier will have a massive assault advantage, as with all launchers, just be aware of the minimum range.

Like all command choices the Command Skimmer is best suited to providing support and extra fire power to your front line troops. The best application of this unit is finding a sweet spot at mid range and laying done extra pins while enabling your other fast moving choices to mow down your enemies or launch crushing assaults. Positioning is everything but the sheer speed and responsiveness of the other fast/vehicular Freeborn choices are suited to hit and run tactics culminating in a withering volley or a head long charge. Stick and move Vard, then come in for the kill.


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