Desperate Times: A “Beyond the Gates of Antares” Battle Report

Welcome back Antareans!

It’s been a long time, but work and Christmas has a tendency to eat time, so with no further ado welcome the first of three rapid fire written battle reports that will recount some of the recent battles that have been waged on Defor.  Recently the one and only Justin Shearer from the Freeborn Shard (Check them out) stopped by for a game and, with our first Tournament early next year we decided to playtest a scenario.

The initial forces face off for control of the battlefield

Take and Hold:  Algoryn vs C3

This scenario is one that Justin and I made up on the spot.  We placed 3 objectives (Wrecked Ghar suits that obviously contained valuable intel).  One in the centre of the table, and one in each players table half.  12″ deep and 12″ on from the left table edge.  We decided that to hold an objective a unit had to have 1 or more models touching it and that you scored victory points at the end of each turn.  1 for your home objective, 2 for the central and a whopping 4 for the one in the enemy half of the table.  We decided to deploy 2M on, with half of each force starting on the table with the rest coming on later.  We also allowed for units that elected to come on turn 2 or later to come on from one of the short table edges.

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First Contact: A “Beyond the Gates of Antares” Battle Report

No plan survives …

Welcome to the first of hopefully many Battle Reports to emerge from the Noise Sector!  Just to manage some expectations here the following is a confused fumbling between two novices with no idea bout how to construct armies and poor rules knowledge.  So, if we have done something wrong please flame us in a constructive and helpful manner, with page numbers!

An Unexpected Encounter:  Algoryn vs C3

The fearless commanders prepare for battle

I had finished work early as had my good friend Dan (Not to be confused with Dan) and with the other Noise Generators still working the 9-5 I decided to induct Dan into the mysteries of Antares.  We randomly rolled for mission and got “An Unexpected Encounter”

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